Gunsmithing Service

BH Firearms offers an on site Gunsmithing and De activation service in North East England.

Like any mechanical mechanism, Firearms and Shotguns will encounter wear and tear. A good cleaning and servicing regime is therefore essential to keep your investment in tip top operational condition.

Our on site Machine and workshop is ideally placed to fulfil your gunsmithing needs, including maintenance, cleaning, repair and servicing of your Section 1 and Section 5 Firearms and Shotguns.

We are Home Office authorised to Transport, sell, repair and service Section 5 Prohibited Weapons, and we can also deactivate and convert for humane dispatch.
Gun storage is also available.

Our Section 5 Authority allows us to modify your Taurus Long Barrelled Revolver and add our   ” Accuwrist ” Brace conversion. 

An huge aesthetic and handling improvement for just £65

We also Custom manufacture and fit Accurising components for the GSG 0.22 Long Pistol.

Full manufacture supply and fit at £120

You’ll be amazed at the improvement this makes to your grouping.


For more information on our gunsmithing services, please contact us.