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ManufacturerStock No.DescriptionPriceImage
WinchesterVarmint HV 17 HMR 17 grain Polymer tip
Box of 50
Hornady8317017HMR 17 grain V-Max. Box of 50£12.50
RemingtonPRA2250RBPremier 22-250 Accutip-V Boat Tail 50 grain. Box of 20 £23
WinchesterX223R2Super X 0.223 Power Point 64 grain. Box of 20£16
Hornady83208Custom 204 Ruger 45gr Soft Point. Box of 20£20
FederalP204BPremium 204 Ruger 32 grain Nosler Ballistic tip. Box of 20£23
RemingtonLead FreeDisintegrator 0.223 45 grain JPMF. Box of 20£29
Hornady80877Subsonic 300 Blackout 190 grain Sub-X. Box of 20£25
WildcatEvolutionThe Evolution Sound Moderator can be supplied in either complete form, or component parts are available enabling one Moderator to be utilised on different Rifles. £205 complete
MTMRMC-1-30 Rifle Maintenance CentreDesigned to be taken to the shooting range for easy cleaning of rifles and shotguns. It comes with two forks that "pop out" and can be stored in the base along with your cleaning supplies. The forks are over moulded with rubber for protection of your firearm and can hold two cleaning rods.

It features sliding dust covers to protect your equipment and keep everything clean and secure inside.

You can also use it to mount scopes, swivels, bedding of actions and more, making it the ultimate cleaning kit!

LymanBorecamLyman's Borescope provides active shooters with the means to carefully inspect the bores of their firearms for wear, throat erosion, tool marks, and other rifling or chamber damage, as well as for checking for fouling. The scope will fit 20 calibre and larger barrels. The image will be stored on a standard SD card£250

Lapua0.308 Once fired and cleaned Brass in Boxes of 100. Price includes postage£30
Federal0.243 Once fired and cleaned Brass in Boxes of 100. Price includes postage£30