Section 5

Our Home Office authority allows us to possess, store, sell and transport Section 5 Prohibited Weapons including revolvers and semi-automatic pistols. We are also authorised to repair, Service, maintain, modify and deactivate, all of which is carried out in our own on site workshop.


This also extends to the servicing, repair and end of use disposal of Brocock and other Air Cartridge weapons. Please call us and we will be happy to arrange collection if necessary.


We specialise in the conversion and Sale / Service / repair of Section 5 pistols for Humane dispatch, and can also supply Section 5 ammunition.


Have a Section 5 Firearm to sell? We can take your existing Firearm off your License and market it on your behalf until it is sold.


Historical Pistols meeting the criteria for Section 7:1 and Section 7:3 can also be sourced, supplied or just Transported at very competitive rates.

RugerRedhawkRevolver0.44A Superb condition Ruger Redhawk in 0.44 Magnum. This revolver is Stainless and is fitted with a Hogue Grip. If you look really closely there is a fine mark on the RHS of the frame, and there is a slight rub on the cylinder from the cylinder latch. Otherwise it is unmarked. It can be supplied with either 4 cylinders blanked to comply with a 2 shot Humane dispatch variation, or in full 6 shot configuration.P.O.A.

Smith & Wesson49 BodyguardRevolver0.38A near mint condition Smith & Wesson Model 49 Bodyguard. This clearly little used pistol has all of it’s bluing intact. It has a comfortable rubber grip and the tangless trigger for safely carrying in your jacket or trouser pocket . A lovely little J Frame pistol, which is restricted to 2 shots for use as a humane dispatcher. Further restriction to single shot can also be done to meet an FAC single shot requirement.£450